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Retro Gamer Magazine Ultimate Years 8 Bit Contra Kirby SNES Issue Load 109

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Issue (Load) 109 Retro Gamer featuring  The Ultimate Years of 8 bit gaming on the cover.

The Ultimate Years
- We revisit the five years of Ultimate Play The Game, revealing every high and low of the iconic studio.

Half-Life Special
- As Half-Life remake Black Mesa gets its release, we speak to its creators as well as the brains behind Valve's original game.

20 Years Of Kirby
- Discover why Nintendo's Kirby remains one of the most versatile characters to ever appear in a videogame.

After Tetris
- He's best known for puzzle hit Tetris, but what else has Alexey Pajitnov done? Find out inside.

Also inside...
- The Ultimate Years
- Cheap As Chips Barbarian
- The Making Of Point Blank
- 20 SNES Hits
- Half-Life Special
- The History Of Contra
- 20 Years Of Kirby
- From THe Archives Cascade Games
- The Unconverted
- Gaming Legends Jack Tramiel
- Minority Report
- Sonic The Hedgehog 3
- The Making Of Hat Trick
- Retro Revival Sly Spy
- After Tetris
- Eugene Evans
- Retro Revival Space Taxi
- Future Classic Mirror's Edge
- Retro Revival Risky Woods
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